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Project Skyscraper - Final Uni Project 

This project was our final year project for university working in a group of 7 people where we had the total freedom to design and create our own game from scratch! Project Skyscraper is a top down multiplayer co-op shooter, with a strong emphasis on upgrading/customising the players guns. Players go through each level to complete an objective and fight off a wave of enemies. Between each level, players will be able to change their guns using parts they've found during the previous level, allowing players to create their own unique guns and effects. The game will have a dystopian game-show theme in a cyberpunk setting and incorporate themes of "hyper-consumerism".

I was one of three programmers and focus on the networking behind the game. We used a third party library called photon that allowed to to create hosted games for up to 4 players to play at the same time

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