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Colonies End - Commercial Product

This project was worked on as our teams placement year, the aim for the year was to create a fully commercial product that would be sold on the PC platform. Colonies End was my first commercial product I had worked for a full 12 months in a team of three developers. As the team was small I was in a unique position to not only work on programming main features of the game but also take lead on the visuals of the game regarding VFX and shaders. 

This project allowed me to begin looking into new features of Unity's engine at the time such as VFX Graph and Shader Graph but also new render pipelines LWRP (now URP) and HDRP. Not only was I able to learn new skills in design side of game development but also the publication of projects. As we did not have any publishers behind the project, learning self publication and advertisement of a product was a key focus and allowed me to take part in all stages of development from concept all the way to post launch.

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